This speaks so much truth. Praise the Lord!

Rivers of Hope

Rivers Of Revival, Lord Jesus, I join my brothers and sisters in agreement, Lord, we long that Your revival will begin today with us, we pray Thee to ignite us and let us burn for You, Great Preparer, we beseech Thee to prepare us in every ways possible and use us to break in Your revival out in our day today and Lord Jesus, use us as worthy vessels to bring revival to our families, churches, communities, cities, nations and the world in general to Your glory, we pray in Jesus Name. Amen, Amen and Amen.

Great Purger, Father, purge us from every ways, we have often run ahead of You, Lord and question Your will and Holy Spirit, we rely on You and You Alone to teach us to be at peace with Your purposes because of the trusting relationship, we have the opportunity to…

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