I’m still walking around like on clouds. Sunday was so powerful, and I don’t know how my weak little human body was able to handle such ridiculous divinely given joy and laughter. Ever since Sunday, I feel like I can’t be in the Word enough. I gotta know more about the One that put such joy in me that day. I do believe that my approach to the Bible before was completely out of duty, because I don’t think I’ve ever approached Scripture with delight, the way I approach prayer and worship. I don’t desire to cuss anymore, and I haven’t really cussed in like 10 days, which is a lifetime record for me.. How could I permit my mouth to be the place from which ugly words come out? I never expected the Holy Spirit to minister to me so powerfully and be so kind and help me out as much as He has this past week. He’s been so amazing, marvelous.

When I hung out with my cousin on Monday, I heard him cussing like a sailor, and I winced. I don’t want to do that anymore, ever.

I feel like I have become an advocate of sorts, I testify that yes, the Holy Spirit can produce laughter. What I felt on Sunday, I’ve called “laughing in the Spirit” but technically, it was basically me feeling joy. I just call it laughing in the Spirit.

When I asked friends to help me figure this stuff out, because I’ve never really been open to the idea of manifestations of the Holy Spirit, but now that I’ve experienced, I’m trying to figure out what mature Christian friends and the Bible has to say, a friend asked me these questions:

Were you tempted to sin?
Did you hurt anybody?
Did you say any bad words?

And I was like NOPE! :D

And Mike Bickle had this to say about manifestations of the Holy Spirit:

In 1741 Jonathan Edwards wrote The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God. He called his readers to evaluate the awakening by looking past the enthusiastic behavior to see the fruit. He wrote of five distinguishing marks of the Spirit’s work. He stated that Satan would not counterfeit activities that led to these responses. If we can answer yes to these then we should regard the manifestation as genuine even if it is unfamiliar to us.

1. Does it bring honor to the person of Jesus Christ?
2. Does it produce a greater hatred of sin and a greater love for righteousness?
3. Does it produce a greater regard for Scripture?
4. Does it lead people into truth?
5. Does it produce a greater love for God and man?

I’m so wrecked, it’s insane. I’m so ready to witness to profs, these two peeps in my classes, and just AUGH. :D I wanna receive well, and I wanna keep coming back to Him to empower me to reach classmates and profs for Christ.


And finally, I really appreciated how the guy this morning at EMP that opened up for us, how he talked about the throne room. He talked about the creatures partying and stuff, and how crazy and awesome heaven is. I’ve never thought about the creatures partying. I’ve only thought of them as being captivated by His holiness.

God, You’re doing such awesome things in my life, it’s sooooooo awesome :)


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