I think I’ve learned the importance of just resting and relaxing in His presence. Hanging out with my brothers and sisters is fun, reading is fun, running around my room is fun, but it’s truly when I’m resting in His presence where I’m probably the happiest and most refreshed. It’s where He convicts me, reminds me of stuff, and it’s just the best.

This extrovert can only handle so much of the world and people, I love to hang out with people, but it’s so tiring for me to fight that invisible battle, and sometimes I’m just feeling too selfish and frustrated and impatient to want to be around people. I don’t scare God with the ridiculous amount of selfishness and impatience I have, He can handle it. I don’t scare Him. It’s nice that I do have someone that I don’t scare when I’m feeling so impatient and stuff. I don’t have to dress up to hang out with God, I don’t have to watch my mouth, I don’t ever have to wonder if I’m being a stumbling block when I’m with Him, I don’t have to try to be funny or whatever. It’s pretty great.

I’m wide awake, drawing close, stirred by grace… all fear removed, I breathe You in.

Your love so deep is washing over me.


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