For almost two weeks now, I’ve been so annoyed with my laptop. Google Chrome wouldn’t open, Internet Explorer was being bipolar and not always opening up web pages in Bing and stuff, even though I’d be clicking and clicking and clicking, trying to open up a site, trying to get to a site. And how many times did I pray to God, asking Him if He could just fix what was wrong with Internet Explorer and Chrome on my laptop.

I also unfortunately was paying $10 per month for either one or two months now, for Microsoft Office. And I was using this lame but free antivirus named Norton.

I also was not able to turn in my assignment to my prof, since Internet Explorer wasn’t opening up my email that I was madly trying to click on and access. There I was with two assignments stuck on my laptop, unable to email them.

I got to talk to my prof’s TA, and he recommended me this place to go to real fast to get help. So I went, and this person was really helpful and so nice, and I showed him this funny status that my friend posted on Facebook the other day:

If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your default browser, you’re brave enough to ask that girl out.

He laughed a ton and asked me if I was going to grad school, and he was so kind and stuff, and told me to come by another time if I needed any help. And to think that at the beginning, he had said that he usually only helps grad students as a favor, and I was all unsure when he said that, worrying and embarrassed and unsure and scared for no reason. And he told me,”You’re cool man.”

How encouraging and uplifting this was. And to think that the Lord said no to fixing Internet Explorer for me, because He wanted me to go and get all my computer woes fixed at one shot, and at the same time He sent me to go be encouraged and uplifted. Man, Jesus, so good to me! :)

And last night, Stephen called me asking me if I had any prayer requests. It was so sweet and really made my day. God, I love how uplifting so many people in my lifegroup are. This is what my soul needs, warmth and watering. And some rest. Freedom.

Perfect love casts out fear.

I need to allow Him to minister to me, to show me little and outrageous displays of love, through people if need be. Sure, I’ve gotten displays of love directly from Him before, but how often has the Lord used people to minister to me and wreck me? VERY often.

What other King leaves the throne? What other King leaves His glory to die?


One thought on “January 28, 2014: No woe no more

  1. Just to help you out.. Go to AVG for your virus protection (they also offer free).. There is a program called Libre Office (which is free) and it is just like Microsoft office. As for Google and IE I can’t help you on those… Also Microsoft has a virus program called Defender. also check out for another free virus and malware/adware removal.

    Sounds like you found a much needed friend and computer techie… Prayers for you going up… Be blessed.

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