For a few weeks now, I’ve been trying to deny the way I feel, trying to focus on other things, but tonight it was finally made clear to me. I like someone at my church. I walked in the door to the house, and bam, I just saw him and I smiled at him, and bam, it was finally made crystal clear to me. I felt all warm and shy and excited on the inside. I was so happy to see him.

Bernice, why do you have to be so human? This wasn’t supposed to happen. There’s a billion men at Antioch, but I fell for one in particular. The other ones didn’t catch my attention. I hoped that because there were so many awesome guys there, I’d be immune and not like a single one.

But he’s got just about every thing I have on my little checklist. It’s a little checklist now, not the ridiculous and crazy long list I had a few years ago when I was more immature.

Oh my soul.

But of course, the heart is deceitful and hopefully this crush will pass.

Oh my soul… HALP.

Why are there so many attractive men and women at Antioch? There’s so many girls there that are such sweethearts, and so many guys that are so kind and so chivalrous.

Oh my soul, Father please guide me well.


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