Update: I feel like I should emphasize that my friend was overly intrigued and got carried away while talking. Emphasis on the word intrigued.

I don’t want to scare people with my post, but I felt like what I heard from my friend was pretty significant and mind boggling and needed to be shared.

Something I heard recently that blew my mind and made me go O_O I did not know that could happen…

Is that a friend of mine told me that one day she was talking with a friend about all these things about spiritual warfare and stuff, and she was I guess excited or something, or overly intrigued, I’m not sure how to describe how she was, but that she opened herself up to spiritual attack I guess and got spiritually attacked really badly. Like, badly. Like, LOL, crazy scary bad.

Apparently the posture of our hearts when discussing this subject is important? Basically what I got from her is that when discussing this subject is to be sober and serious, not scared and not intrigued. I guess both emotions (being scared and being intrigued) are pretty bad.

I never thought that what happened to my friend could happen. It really made me do a double take. Like, LOL, are you kidding me? The posture of our hearts when speaking about this?! Wow.

And of course, satan uses fear to paralyze us and stuff, we’re supposed to have faith and stand and not be cowardly and scared.

So, fear and intrigue are bad apparently.


The end. No juicy stories. Just a piece of important advice.


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