Passion was phenomenal. I wish I could tell people that it isn’t just some corny, mainstream Christian, silly conference. The Lord blew me away, He was so magnified and received such glory in that place.

I feel humbled and so small and so blessed.

Lord Jesus, let me NEVER forget about the incredibly humble trailer I grew up in. Yes, a trailer, and I should not be ashamed that the only bedroom I’ve ever known is about the size of a closet. And Father, I’m not resentful or ashamed like I used to be. I accept that You gave me such a humble home for a reason. I know You now, You’ve blown me away with Your Holy Spirit, and it doesn’t matter that You dealt with me as You wanted. Let me never feel entitled. Crush my pride. Take away the pride that has crept in during my time at Texas A&M. Father, thank You for bringing me to Passion and for giving Derek and Stephen the right words to help bring me to my senses and not sell my ticket. I am so completely grateful that I came. I’m so happy that You humbled me this weekend. I don’t want to forget where I came from, God let me not forget.

Take it all, take it all,
My life is in Your hands.
Take it all, take it all,
My life for Your glory.


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