I’m stunned. Yesterday, God spoke so incredibly clearly to me. His voice and His hands at work were crystal clear.

I’m going to Seattle for a reason. I ended up at Antioch these past few weeks for a reason. And I’m feeling the call to apply for leadership next year with Epic very strongly. I also believe I am hearing Him tell me to attend AMP with Antioch next semester in order to be strengthened by Him and in order to lean on Him and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit so that I can serve Epic well next year.

This is insane. And my Spring Break? God wanted me to go home…

I guess I could have misinterpreted everything that happened today 100% incorrectly, but maybe not… It truly did feel like everything clicked today.

Now I’m just hoping I get accepted for leadership and that my hunches and my straining to hear His voice and my praying for guidance were actually right on target.

God, I missed my family. We’re little and broken, but still good. I can’t deny that I love all the weird kids in this ministry…

LOL I wonder if I heard correctly all day today, or if God’s sitting up there thinking, Girl… I didn’t speak. Why you putting words in my mouth?

God, I just want to obey You and feel held by You. I want to feel safe. I want to please You. I need You to guide me.


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