I had the worst dream, and it also happened to be super long.

I dreamt that someone gathered up a ton of Christians on campus, and he was asking us how sincere we were about Jesus, and I think I felt suspicious about this individual so I went to the bathroom, and next thing I know, he’s killing a ton of people in the audience, so I take off running away, I’m among the few that got away, and I also thankfully was pretty close to the front of the crowd in that mad dash away from the crazy guy.

Some of us ran so much that we left College Station and reached a town next to it, and I decided to seek refuge at an Omni, but for some reason it was kind of packed.

I felt so hunted and uneasy throughout the whole dream. That man was possessed and ruthless and evil. And even after I locked myself into a room, I knew I still wasn’t safe from him.

…And some of my brothers and sisters have experienced persecution in real life and not just in a dream.

This dream I had was something else.


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