Sam, you can fix my roof. Even if I have to mess it up in order for it to be leaking in the first place, I’ll do it.

I can wait for a Sam like that… And the wait would be worth it. I mean, that kindness and respect that Sam had? It takes a while for the Lord to produce such traits to a degree like that in a person.

But… love is so awkward to me. Boys are weird. I’m weird. I don’t want to let anybody in, I don’t feel like giving anybody a chance, and yet, I know I want a fairy tale wedding and all that stuff.

I wish Jesus would just make His second coming sooner, so I wouldn’t have to think about the future or boys. I’d rather the world end than deal with these two issues.

Seriously though, I think a reason why I was swooning all over the place when I saw these clips was because my grandfather married my grandmother because he fixed her roof.

I kind of exist because of a roof.

Somebody fix my windows and door as well, please. And maybe fix those eyes of mine that seem to cry a lot lately. Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, “I’m so scared, Jesus save me” tears, “I’m wildly lonely and terrified” tears, “I’m a failure and I can’t do anything right” tears.

Jesus, help me stop feeling so lukewarm and idolatrous. And also help me to stop feeling like a perfectionist too.


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