(No big spoilers found in this review!)

“…Gross emphasized in his post that the thought-provoking movie will most likely trigger conversation among viewers and also lead them to the original source – the Bible.”

“For at least a decade, we’ve been asking Hollywood to produce movies based on the Bible. Now that they’re doing it, let’s be more encouraging. So far, they’ve proven to be serious in the effort, whether they miss the target or not. So let’s support it, not stifle it.”

There were so many weird things in this movie, so many flaws.

I could have a field day and blog about how stupid and unnecessary some things in this movie were…

But I have to admit, I’m somewhat pleased with this movie.

Christians, please give the movie a chance before you dismiss it as heretical.

To those who are brand new to the faith, or curious about Jesus: this movie is a little really weird and is probably more interesting for those of us who have reached that point… Where we trust God and believe He is good and kind.

This movie is probably also good for the Christians who have been in the faith for years and need a nudge and are sleepy and need to be a little shocked and annoyed.

I don’t believe it’s a MUST WATCH, but it is a SHOULD watch.

This movie is surprising, intriguing, and different… to say the very least.

You have a Bible, and any heresy or weird thing in the movie can be rebuked by going to Scripture and carefully reading what the Word says.

What matters is His kingdom, and I can see Him using this movie to bring people into the kingdom.

Some bright (dare I say it… brilliant?!) moments in that movie:
-the allusion to Jesus being killed in the future (a scene at the end where Noah and Emma Watson are on the roof of the ark)
-that crazy man biting the lizard (making him look incredibly sinful, foolish, evil, debased, deprived, undignified, and making God look holy and lovely)
-the watchers being included (my Christian friends and I did not know exactly what to think about them)
-the way that movie brought about some very interesting and good conversation afterward (I can’t remember the last time I walked away feeling so intrigued, weirded out, outraged, and amazed by a Christian movie)
-the words that just dripped poison and reeked of death that that crazy man said (I was very impressed with how deprived he was)

Some things I do have to complain about are:
-the first minute or so (incredibly lame)
-the watchers helping build the ark
-the fact that two of the wives did not board the ark
-Noah going as crazy as he did
God seeming so confusing and distant and not very helpful
-the stupid snake skin
-the glowing rocks
-everything about the grandpa
-the snake in the garden
-the color that Adam and Eve were
-the last few minutes that the watchers had screentime (weird and confusing, seemed like a perfect tool Satan could use to lead some people astray and badly confuse them, and that scene just reminded me of unbiblical views and opinions on the soul and the body)

That one that is italicized and in bold is probably my biggest complaint. I did not appreciate at all how God was portrayed at times during the movie.



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