I’m very happy that a lot of my fear and worry melted away when I heard this song playing. I had forgotten that I had it on my playlist, so it was nice to hear it, and was such a welcome surprise.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with random, small bouts of sadness and fear, because I can’t get over how much of a failure I feel like at times. I always have so many things to do all the time, I haven’t been 100% super involved and committed to either Lifegroup or Epic this semester, there’s always so much reading to do for my classes, I’m trying to get all my support raising done for Seattle, groceries are so expensive, I’m going to graduate in December…

…and I wonder if the friends I’ve made, if I’ll keep any of them after graduation. It feels like the devil has at times just scoffed and told me of course I won’t keep any, do I really expect to keep any?

But I know that that’s a lie, I’m bound to keep at least one or two, I’m sure of it.

And even knowing that, it’s still difficult to tell him to get behind me, because I know I am a little afraid and worried anyway.

So many things on my mind all the time.

But I gotta keep my head up and stop crying and just keep working hard.

The semester is almost over.

I remember Your faithfulness to David, I remember Your faithfulness to me… You have never left me.


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