Help! Not just anybody.
-The Beatles…

The Lord has been sending many people my way this week with very encouraging prophetic words.

After running, I went to the Chapel to lift up my running to the Lord.

My grades, the exercise I do, my thoughts, my eating habits are all supposed to bring Him glory. All are meant to be more Christ like. And this is for my good and for His glory and for the kingdom.

The girl approached me after I finished praying and told me that she felt like the Lord was telling her to tell me that He has a plan for me and to rest in it.

Seriously, wow.

Very uplifting words, since I had been worrying about the support I still need to raise to go to Seattle, and the fact that I didn’t run more than 3 miles, and this is my first time running since Sunday I believe.

I felt like a failure kind of.

But those words were definitely what I needed to hear.

And I know they are pretty vague, but I try not to despise prophecies, like ever. I accept them if they line up with Scripture and His character.

Prophecies are a blessing that I try hard to truly appreciate.

Times like this, I realize that the Lord is forever fighting for and with us.

The world, my flesh, and the devil are constantly working to discourage me and make my life hell.

But the Lord is oh so faithfully always pouring out love every single day.


Picture credit: vrsly on Instagram


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