We did some “chalk evangelism” today (…I guess that’s what I’m calling it?) and I have no idea why we chose the questions we did (they were so difficult), but somehow they kind of worked.

I’m so glad we ran into some girls that answered well.

One of them said “How can we love a god that’s just average? God’s gotta be brilliant and stuff.” or something along those lines, and I felt so happy that my question was useful that I just clapped and jumped up and down and thanked her :)

Wayne Grudem defines glory as “the created brightness that surrounds God’s revelation of himself“…

I think I better understand why God gets angry about sin.

If He really is good and creative, then I guess it would make sense that He get angry when His creation messes up the good things that He carefully and happily and lovingly worked on?

So I guess that would be stuff like treating our bodies carelessly, maliciously attacking others with our words, littering.

BUT, He uses the bad things that others did and uses them to help shape us… And bring glory to himself.

This boy for example in middle school called me a “four-eyed monster” and I for so many years absolutely did not wear glasses out in public, but now I don’t care. And every now and then I remember those incredibly hurtful words, and just feel happy that I’ve finally shaken them off. It took years, but they don’t hurt like they used to. Because whatever beauty I or anybody has, the best beauty is that which reminds us of Him.

I’d rather have and be what the world calls average but have that good and perfect brightness about me that comes from Christ, than be empty and dazzling.

I’d rather not be the woman described in Proverbs 2:18, whose house sinks down to death.

And the verses below, ever since I found them a few months ago, I resolved to never let these be true of me.

Proverbs 5:3-6
For the lips of a forbidden woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil, but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

Her feet go down to death; her steps follow the path to Sheol; she does not ponder the path of life; her ways wander, and she does not know it.

I always get off topic, back to chalk evangelism.

I got kind of annoyed when a girl carelessly walked over my question while I was still working on it. I was like HELLO, I’m still working here, I’m trying to make this look pretty, at least wait until I’m done, so disrespectful. And all of this of course I thought and didn’t say out loud.

Maybe that’s how He feels? Maybe… I don’t know.

And what’s the point of glory? I blogged about this a few days or weeks ago, and I guess I concluded that, why does the artist paint?

The artist paints to paint. Because he loves to. And because, why not?


(Dolsot bibambap above… I really like eating that stuff.)

My emotions are something else. They’re constantly changing, I have trouble keeping up with them sometimes. Especially when they’re just out of control.

God, thank goodness You don’t change and love me even when I’m annoyed with the whole world and you.


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