Reading the article above was just another painful and scary reminder that there are seriously some really terrifying and hostile people out there that will do just about anything to make sure their agenda succeeds.

While reading that article, I felt fear knowing that this summer I will be going on a mission trip to a city that will probably have several people that are very passionate about gay rights… And I really have very little experience ministering to people who are gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, and all the words I’m forgetting. (GLBTQKEBRW..?)

And truthfully?

I’d rather leave that work to other Christians…

Evangelism is hard enough already, and showing mercy and respect when it comes to this subject has always been hard for me.

I mean, representing Jesus can be difficult, and I like to do it well, and I’d rather trust other Christians to be Christ to the GLBT community.

It can be easy to just get caught up in looking at the sins and the beliefs that I don’t agree with, and completely miss the person that I’m trying to love and care for.

I feel like just saying “I’m sorry” is just a bunch of cheap words, especially to someone who has encountered hostile and hateful Christians who demonize the GLBT community.

Sigh. God, mercy please? Can I just meet many atheists and agnostics this summer? And I’d also love to serve Muslims and Catholics and Jews and Buddhists as well. I don’t really know how willing I am to have my faith stretched and tested while on my mission trip.

I’m kind of scared.

I don’t feel ready or empathetic enough to minister to the GLBT community. And I feel like I’d lack the patience needed.

Psalm 91:4

(Picture found at Christian Memes)


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