Maybe I’m just really emotional, but I cried a little when I got my Aggie Ring. But I mean, I am the first person on my dad’s side of the family to ever go to college and graduate, and on both sides, I’m the first one ever to get an Aggie Ring.

It’s a beautiful little ring, and I feel so honored to have one.

Lord Jesus, You are good, and I have an Aggie Ring because of Your intense love and grace.

Were it not for Your love that has rescued me, I’d probably still be a complete loner, perfect grades, miserable, depressed, suicidal, only thinking of that huge house and Ph.D…

That was freshman year, and am I ever happy that I don’t think the way I used to.

My life surrendered at the feet of Jesus is the only way I can live. And seeking first His kingdom and desiring to glorify Him in everything is basically the only ways I’ve found that help me feel fulfilled and happy.

In seeking first His kingdom and making an effort to bring Him glory in all that I do, it’s so much easier to do “secular” things and enjoy them.

So a “secular” thing like getting an Aggie Ring… Is actually an opportunity to worship Him and bring glory to Him.

Father God, thank You for being who You say You are!


One thought on “April 11, 2014

  1. Congratulations on your being the 1st to graduate and to have a ring. This is what is often called breaking the cycle. It says a lot and it means a lot more. Now, future generations have the ability to complete from this day forth. It is something to be emotional about. Blessings on your future!

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