I think I’m starting to understand why sociology apparently has more atheists than any other major.

The material can be so depressing and difficult to deal with.

As I’ve finally been taking my major more seriously and trying to sit down and really think about this stuff, and not just hurriedly looking at stuff, I’ve just been having trouble with 100% rejecting all the ideas, since some of it is actually kind of true.

Of course, I hold Scripture as my highest authority, but I think one of the reasons why I’ve been a little blue lately is because of the theories and sociologists we’ve been learning about and discussing.

Something we discussed a few weeks ago, is that Weber had this idea about the Protestant Ethic, and that John Calvin apparently believed that a way to know that you were among the elect, was having wealth.

So apparently, Protestants would work and work and work, trying to make sure they had money in the bank or whatever, they were trying to convince themselves that they weren’t damned…

Hence, the reason why America has so many people that work 40 hours every week, why we have short lunch breaks, why we’re trapped in an “iron cage” of sorts (an idea by Weber)…

The Protestant Ethic has deeply affected our society here.

At some college in Europe where his daughter went for a few semesters, my professor said that students can grab wine on their way to class, classes meet like once a week, and there are no tests in some classes.

Things are chill.

And another student said that he noticed that there were no cup holders in this car he was in, in Germany I believe, and he was told that “If you need a cup holder, your lunch break isn’t long enough.”

Imagine that.

The problem isn’t the lack of cup holders, the problem is that the lunch break isn’t long enough…

I can’t even imagine bringing that up to an employer.

I hate the blues that I’ve been feeling a little lately, but they have served to bring me to the Word more.

Ideas are powerful things, very powerful things, and I’ve been feeling it. Oh, have I been feeling it. Words are powerful. But now that I am really beginning to understand the power of words, I’ve been coming to God much more, by reading His Word and making an effort to hold onto what I read.

The world may try to battle for my heart, but the war is already won.


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