The universality of the need to belong was once aptly summarized by social psychologist Warren Jones (1989), who was presenting an overview of his research program on loneliness: “In two decades of studying loneliness, I have met many people who say they have no friends. I have never met anyone who didn’t want to have any friends.”

-Social Psychology and Human Nature, 2nd Ed.

And if you would like the more elaborate citation…

Baumeister, Roy F., and Brad J. Bushman. “Attraction and Exclusion.” Social Psychology and Human Nature. 2nd ed. 325.

If this need to belong truly is a desire that every single human being has, and it seems that it is, then maybe this is part of the effects that result from being made in the image of God?

And since we are made in His image, and angels aren’t, then maybe all angels, including fallen angels, don’t have this desire at all? (the need to belong)

I wonder if Alex Hribal felt disconnected from everybody, which would make his crime easier to do…


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