Everyday that I get closer to graduation in December, I have to make sure to just throw myself at His feet and ask Him to take care of me and guide me well. I ask Him to give me faith and hope.

Where will I work when I graduate, will I be a missionary someday hopefully, is seminary something I will end up doing, and will I hopefully get a job this summer?

When I look at my GPA and my resume, I just want to throw up and cry and yell at myself and just be in denial that that could actually be my GPA and resume. But even that GPA is somewhat high, considering the absolute hell I went through for several months.

God, I don’t have to worry about the future because I am loved by You and watched over by You.

But my mind and my thoughts and my fear paralyze me sometimes…


2 thoughts on “April 25: That future

  1. He has you so you just need to know that. His plans for you are better than any plan that you have for you… Just walk with Him and do not be afraid of anything. You are more than a conqueror!!!!

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