Today I barvangelized for the first time, because I’ve been saying for months that I’d like to do it, and today, I was like, why not.

Banvangelizing means doing evangelism at a bar.

I knew that I had to pray beforehand for faith and boldness and to rest in the fact that He is God and my Protector and the One that loves me, but I had no idea the incredibly heavy spiritual warfare and stress that my soul would feel at the two bars we went to. Especially at the last bar when I spoke to the bartender.

I definitely feel a little foolish looking back, but I was just in that OHHH let me contend for the Kingdom mindset and OH those stupid demons better tremble thoughts were running through my head.

So, I now believe that whenever I or anyone else in my ministry or church barvangelizes, I will recommend at least 15-20 minutes of prayer and earnestly asking for strength and looking to Scripture to remind ourselves of the authority we have and the boldness that the Lord gifts to us.

But I think even then, being in places like that to do evangelism, a direct blow done toward that kingdom, I think even after 20 minutes of prayer, your soul may still feel tired, because that warfare is serious business.

But it’s okay, I felt much better and happier and more energetic after about two hours or so.

Fatigue doesn’t matter if you’re doing things for the King.


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