When I was home about two weeks ago, I looked up from my furious notetaking after having had an epiphany and really needing/wanting to write down what I figured out (I finally felt enthusiastic about Durkheim’s ideas about totems and anomie!), and I was intrigued to see my cousin peacefully sitting down on my sister’s couch, reading, listening to music, and not at all worried.

And I thought, you know, she can be at peace and not at all worried, because she doesn’t have to worry about the preservation of her life.

The law and the repercussions that result from breaking the law is helping protect her and serves as a deterrent so that criminals don’t just break into my sister’s house whenever.


We are able to do weird things like bake and crochet and celebrate birthdays, largely because of the law. And we don’t have to worry about survival.

To think that this is what God is doing all over the world, He is in the process of setting slaves free and He is using people to fix corrupted governments…

God’s ways, God’s love of justice, the LAW, are so incredible, I can barely stand it.

Looks like I’m definitely going to be reading Leviticus and Psalm 119 this summer.


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