Just kidding, I wasn’t greeted with a holy kiss…

But tonight, I was really impressed at how loved I felt and how hospitable a local church was toward us, all of us hungry and tired and stressed college students that wanted a warm meal and a place to study.

All day, I felt kind of scared because my mission trip is about ten days away, it’s MAY 1 already, and I’m feeling a little anxious. (I mean, it’s May already!!!) and of course, Matt, Ryan, and Jenny are graduating, and being a senior that’s going to graduate in December is pretty scary…

I’m not fully funded for Seattle yet, and I’ve been feeling a little scared as to whether I’m ready to speak with the Seattleites, I don’t feel like I’ve studied enough yet, plus I’m not sure if I’m ready to deal with all of the spiritual warfare.

Luckily though, the Lord provided some sisters and brothers that gave me really encouraging words and just a warm and safe place to process and pray, and I feel so thankful, because today was a rough day, I needed a lot of faith and I needed strength from the Lord, and the devil kept doing these annoying things all day, my thoughts were all over the place today.

But God was really all over me today, praise Jesus.

Si Senor, You art with me…


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