I was debating whether or not to ask on my blog…

but as I’ve mentioned on previous posts, on May 12 I shall be going on a mission trip (and it’ll be my first mission trip ever!!)

Seattle will be the city I shall be hitting, and I’ve been asked to help lead our team in prayer.

What will this look like?

I am envisioning being someone that everyone can go to, to look them in the eyes and remind them of God’s promises, and I also see myself the entire time, interceding, interceding, interceding, and enjoying the presence of God, and helping to protect my team against the evil one’s flaming darts.

Finally, I am really looking forward to preaching the Gospel of the kingdom and of this wonderful Savior, to all of the college students we will encounter.

If you would please, pray for my team, (and maybe even financially contribute toward my trip?!), that would be so incredibly awesome!

Some prayer requests are:

  • for an abundance of hope, faith, joy
  • being able to SLEEP well
  • team unity
  • time management

And the link to give toward my trip is:

Thank you so much if you read my letter all the way through, thank you for your time, I am grateful for all prayers and every dollar received, and I pray that my letter sounds sincere and is not too long? :D


In Christ,

Bernice G.


2 thoughts on “Please read me?

  1. May your first Mission’s trip be the 1st of many. Pray for God to give you the strength and pray that the hearts of your team are amazing.

    I pray God’s anointed presence and fire flow from each of you. For some reason I feel for you Bernice this is going to be time of defining moment for you and all who interact with you. God will sure up!

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