One of the things that drew me to Antioch was the expressiveness I saw during worship.

I have friends that clap during worship that go to this church, and then I know other people that evangelize for fun.

I have friends that jump around and cheer during worship… The freedom and boldness is remarkable.

This week, it’s finally been clicking that God is a PERSON.

I already knew this, but I feel like I better understand now.

People get excited about babies and squeal when they see their little toes.

How can it be abnormal to get excited and emotional when you are around God?

He’s a person too!!!

The evangelical churches need the charismatic churches and the Reformed churches, and vice versa.

We need each other.

We can’t just judge other churches and be proud that we’re “doing better”…

I really love how the people on my team just ooze joy and peace and love for the Lord.

They are definitely not perfect, but it’s not my job to change them.

God loves them, furiously, even during worship when some folks get a little jumpy or when people just are laying down on the floor, captivated by Him and His beauty and mercy. (And I’ve been doing a lot of that during worship, just resting curled up, happy, safe, listening to my Father tell me that He is good, He is good, He is soooo good, He is proud of me, He is pleased with me, He does not hate me, He delights in me, He has forgiven me, He isn’t waiting to hit me as soon as I’m not perfect.)

I think this truly is the best mission trip I could have gone on.

My soul feels like it’s been healing so much these past few days.

I needed to experience this joy and freedom.

I’m so happy, this team is so wonderful.

God truly is with us here in Seattle.


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