A year ago I would have never been able to go up to as many people as I have been going up to, to tell them about Jesus.

Truly, it is by the power of the Holy Spirit and the fact that I know that I am LOVED, because of this, i am able to skip over to people and look them in the eye and tell them Jesus is real and LOVES them.

I know the Lord uses these conversations as a way to unpack soil (I think of our hearts as soil, and people that do not know Jesus have hearts that are like packed soil, and kindness, love, mercy– these things loosen up the soil, making the soil more able to receive the Gospel.)

I’m scared by some of the boldness and confidence I’ve had, and how I’ve been able to look people in the eyes while telling them about God…

Also, today I helped chalk up an area with the name of Jesus, and with some verses.

And wow, I was so joyful and stuff, that I was jumping around and singing and praising Him and MAN.

It is frustrating though to be having such horribly tiring battles with frustration, impatience, lust, bitterness, fear, etc.

My flesh is horribly frustrating.


I’m tired, amazed, overwhelmed… Evangelism is fun but tiring and a little scary.


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