Today, yet again, I felt fear at the thought of being associated with the name of Jesus.

His name is so powerful…

But a sister reminded me that this very name is the one that protects me from the evil one.

I was chalking a Bible verse near the water fountain at UW, and I hesitated before writing Jesus in yellow, I mean, His name is just too powerful… and while drawing a cross in yellow, I was just really thinking about how beautiful the cross is to me, but how horrible the cross actually is.

Jesus, I know this thought is so negative, but I have wondered if the way I die will actually be by the hands of a demon possessed person, and if so, if He could bless me with a manifestation of His glory upon my face, like He did for Stephen in Acts. (Though Stephen got the manifestation before he was killed, I believe)

I know that is a seriously crazy thing to think about, but it is something I think about every now and then.

Matthew 10:38
And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

Finally, I really like the windows in our hotel room, I’m amazed at how I’ve been able to sleep with them open (since I have such a huge fear of roaches… And I haven’t seen a single one yet!!!).

Father, thank You for Your mercy and grace and provision.

I’m helpless, but You are good.



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