I finally opened up a little today with two of my roommates about my struggle with anxiety, and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t too difficult.

I wish I could be more open about this, but I’m so ashamed and disgusted and furious with myself for being super anxious and awkward sometimes.

I just want to be normal, happy, fun, and wonderful…

I don’t want to feel unlovable and weird. And I hate feeling so much immensely crushing anxiety at times, I just want to disappear and not let anybody see me, because I’m so annoyed with myself for not being normal.

Jesus, please fix me Lord…


A caffe cioccolato from Tutta Bella + the Microns I got that I’m going to use to write in my Bible :)


The postcards I’m sending to friends and family… I’m so happy I finally discovered how fun it is to send letters by mail.


One thought on “Day 20ish, Part 2

  1. Ahh, from a way older sister to you – you may need to ask God for His perspective of you. How does He see you? I see you as “normal” just through your posts – so He must see you as wonderfully normal and more. We all need to see His view of us. You are beautiful and loved.
    cate b

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