I didn’t want to continue using my blog to vent, but lately I’ve been so annoyed by how much lack of good judgment my brother has exhibited.

Today, he watched on Netflix two movies which just made my jaw drop and made me wonder what the heck is in that mind of his, and why is he so foolish so often.

He watched the movies Contracted and Devil.


Why are teenagers so stupid?

I’m so glad I’m not one anymore.

I mean, it’s one thing for us to watch the movie The Glass House, which is a thriller, not about supernatural stuff, and it’s a mystery.

It’s safe.

Also, R.L. Stine is safe enough.

But here he was, watching this stupid movie, I swear, even though I’ve told him, boy you’re supposed to stay away from that crap, don’t go looking for trouble, or it’ll find you eventually.

Why does he have to like such dark animes, like Future Diary and Deathnote, and how can he watch terrifying movies fearlessly, and I also don’t approve of him listening to + singing along to Japanese music that he doesn’t even understand the lyrics. (And my nephew, I also have gotten after him for repeating what Uncle says on Jackie Chan Adventures.)

I don’t see myself as superstitious necessarily, but sharp and trying to keep them, oh I don’t know… SHELTERED. Safe.

When did I become uncool and nagging and protective and when did I gain wisdom?

I’m not even 25. And my brother and my nieces and nephew make me feel like, 30.


It doesn’t matter if these crazy kids make me feel 30, because reading the Bible and absorbing what it says is so important.

Even if holding onto what it says makes me feel old sometimes, it’s worth it.


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