It’s funny how basically everyone that’s my age that’s in love with Harry Potter, fell in love like in 3rd grade.

…I finally, at the age of 22, have seen the light.

I am now, finally, incredibly fond of and crazy about Harry Potter.

It’s sad that I didn’t get to go through the things that my cousins went through: going to buy the books at midnight parties at bookstores, impatiently waiting for the movies to come out, etc.

But I guess it’s okay. Better late than never, right?

I think it’s great though, that I’m able to enjoy Harry Potter so much right now, because of the Biblical themes I’ve been finding.

One example, would be where Hermione was telling Harry that he didn’t have to fear Voldemort because “as long as Dumbledore was there, he’s safe”…

And that just reminded me of how we Christians are safe from Satan because of Jesus!

Also, the fact that Harry’s mom died and that her love protected him from Voldemort, also reminded me of how His love protects and covers us.

I now have a really good “fun fact about myself” to share during icebreakers (and it’s funny that just this Thursday I had to think up a fun fact about myself, but unfortunately, the conversion hasn’t taken place yet on that day).

I really love how I can more deeply enjoy “secular” things because of my knowledge of Scripture.


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