How I know that I’m an adult (a young adult is still an adult):

I need a few hours of peace and quiet everyday, plus some alone time.

Also, I get irritated when I can’t do things my way and on my time, and my sister or mom get in the way.

When I was a kid, I could be loud and run around the house and be around other loud kids and be perfectly fine.

But now?

My nieces and nephew and brother are too frustrating for me to be around for extended periods of time. Also, they’re way too loud and energetic for me.

How do I cope?

I lock myself into the bathroom and play with my phone and listen to some Christian music for a few minutes, so I can stay in control of my temper and to calm my nerves.

Almost everyday, I’m still amazed by the fact that I’m not a teenager anymore (and I find them somewhat annoying and I can’t relate to them!)

I had expected my wrists to be wider once I finally “grew up”, but they’re still so thin.


These are the thoughts that are on my mind.

Note to self: I am now going to send birthday cards to my cousin by mail. :)


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