Summers (especially this one) are like my purgatory… I can’t say hell, because hell is supposed to be terrible, and honestly? Things could be worse.

Therefore, purgatory.

I feel like with every passing weekend, and every minute that I wasted, I just kept telling myself that I’m almost done with summer. Almost. Almost.

Little by little the time went by, and I’m finally reached my last week at home.

It’s sad that I know for sure, that I absolutely do not want to have any children for many, many, many years, and once I finally get around to that I want like ONE, and I absolutely never want to do ministry full time.

I found out this summer that I hate both children and doing ministry, which used to be two things I wanted with all of my heart.

Or maybe my brother and nieces and nephew are just freaking monsters or something.

Too bad I can’t fast forward or rewind life like I can with a movie.

I’m ready to just go back to school already.


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