I’ve noticed here at A&M that people fall into different categories in terms of your relationship with them.

There’s the acquaintances, the good acquaintances, the pals, then the FRIENDS, then the really really good friend/bestie.

I seem to have a million acquaintances and good acquaintances. I have pals, and I have a few of the FRIENDS.

I’m not sure if I have any besties.

At home, I have a friend named Ana, but since I don’t have a car and I always feel so busy and tired because of family, I never see her.

I wish relationships were easier. And I also wish my emotions weren’t so all over the place. Some days I’m so moody and depressed and lonely and anxious, and then I get beautiful days like today where I am super productive and incredibly social and like 4% awkward.

This semester seems like it will maybe be my best semester yet. I feel like I’m really connecting with people here at my apartment complex and really building great friendships and connections.

This is a godsend.


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