Please friends, keep in your prayers a group of international students that I live super super close to, that they would come to Christ and go on to just wreck their cities with the Gospel of Christ.

I mean, WOW, this is pretty big, probably the most exciting and biggest Kingdom task I’ve ever been given- to be hospitable to them and help connect them to a ministry for international students that will cater to their needs…

It’s a group of about 12 male students from the Middle East. Because of their culture, there’s only so much I can do to minister to them– I’m a female.

But there’s plenty of behind the scenes things I can do.

Please pray for: the veil to be torn and all their incorrect assumptions about God would be demolished.

Pray that the strongholds that keep them from Christ would be crushed.

Pray that they would connect with the guys that are going to be more directly ministering to them.

Please pray that I would continue to run into them and have opportunities to be helpful to them.

Pray that Jesus would visit them in their dreams.

I don’t even know how to put into words how mightily I can just see the Lord’s hands at work.

Please pray that much Kingdom expansion would occur in these young men. I’m floored that He is using me. I’m not worthy, especially after this summer where I just did not follow Him well at all.

Thank you friends.


One thought on “Urgent prayer request

  1. I will be praying for you as you begin to pray for these men. I can tell you that more Muslims are coming to Christ now than ever before. Here is a video that talks about a Iranian Muslim who becomes Christian. Keep praying for God to speak in their dreams and with men who are strong believers. Here is the video there are of course other videos as well

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