I love these kids.

I know technically they are young men, I’m only about three years older, but I freaking love them.

Last Friday, they ended up going to the event I invited them to. I didn’t go since I ended up doing something else I really had to do, but thankfully they did go to the event, and apparently they connected with some Christian guys there :)

Maybe the Lord is allowing me to feel some of the delight He feels in His children, and this delight has nothing to do with what they (we) have done.

He delights in people because all of us to some extent reflect His glory, and because He is LOVE.

We all reflect His glory since we all are made up of cells, and the complex little organelles really speak volumes of how creative and wise He is.

It’s funny how even evil people give God glory, without trying. The fact that He made them, and His fingerprints are all over everybody, even evil people reflect His glory.

But I digress.

I freaking love these kids for no reason. I love how awesome Omar and Hab are at ping pong.

I just really want to see all of them come to Christ.


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