I feel that I take absolutely everything at face value. I’m easily offended.

My professor the other day said that he remembers me because “I always looked like my head was going to explode” and today he said that he knows that I’m freaking out because I don’t have the right edition of the textbook.

This is me actually taking class seriously and being eager to learn… I’m eager, and that’s not something I usually say about classes.

I actually want to be in class and hear what he has to say.

This professor is easily my favorite at A&M, and maybe he is just teasing, but I feel hurt and kind of offended. It doesn’t feel like he cares, I want to know that my teachers care about me, and I don’t feel like I’m taken seriously by this teacher. And I feel hurt because I have all this respect and admiration toward him, but I feel like I’m just a joke or something. I feel hurt.

It’s like unrequited love I guess, except in this case I’m just someone that for some reason, I grow horribly fond of my teachers. I’m like a teacher’s pet and I pretty much always have been.

Some teachers, like Mrs. P and Mr. K, I literally think of them everyday. And I seriously miss them and I do wish I could be in their class again.

But then again, maybe I’m feeling all emotional because it’s shark week.


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