(If for some reason this post is read by a person that actually takes sociology seriously, please excuse any scrub-ish things I may say.)

“Scrub” defined:

This class on social theory is horribly depressing and I always leave it feeling negative.

The sociology classes I’ve taken these past two semesters have me concluding that modernity is not the best thing for us, due to our unchanging human nature.

We each have these needs that modern society does a horrible job of meeting.

But specifically, I refer to the fact that loneliness is the worst thing for us to feel, and in modern times, things like the self-checkout replace interaction with a human being. Also, my generation prefers online banking, and enough people want to hurry up and get their food at McDonald’s and not chat with the cashier.

These little interactions with human beings are dismissed as unimportant since time is money, but I think I’m starting to believe that these little bonds are pretty damn good for our emotional health.

I go have lunch right after class, and it’s like I see exactly what we talk about in class, in real life.

On the plus side, I got an (actual) gold star in class today. And I’m the first person to get one :D

…and today was the day that I was all YOLO and didn’t bring my books to class since the professor pissed me off the other day, and I was in a bad mood today. Plus I spent half the class online and half paying attention.

How on earth did I get a gold star the day I was rebellious.


I chose a Mickey sticker over getting a literal gold star.


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