You dwelt in time that You designed.
Creator lived in His creation…

When I listen to this beautiful song, I think about the drawings I’ve made over the years, and I can’t fathom living in my creations. They aren’t really good, and also I unfortunately don’t really have the power to go from 3D human to 2D and on a sheet of paper.

And yet, that is exactly what God did.

He came down to His creation and dwelt among us.

Immanuel– God with us. (Matthew 1:23)

When I had that conversation with Luis several months ago, I mentioned to him that we are similar to drawings on a sheet of paper. The drawings can’t reach up to me if they wanted to, since they are trapped in a 2D world and don’t have the power to reach up to me, their creator. They have my “fingerprints” and my “glory” so to speak (glory aka my wisdom), all about them, but they don’t necessarily have evidence to prove I exist and they can’t prove I exist.

It’s similar to how God’s glory is all about us, but I can’t exactly go up to Heaven to meet Him whenever I want to. I was placed here on earth by Him, and I will go up there when He wants me to.

You walked beneath the stars You named..


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