Above is apparently what a future Polynesian Disney princess might look like.

(And below is an accidental rant and sort of criticism of the lack of female Hispanic main characters in Disney.)

Moana will be released in 2018… But honestly, it cannot be released quickly enough.

I grew up wishing I could see Disney princesses that looked like me.

But so many have that blond hair and blue or green eyes.

Disney, aren’t brown eyes, brown skin and black hair pretty?

Maybe coming up with a Hispanic Disney princess is just really hard, since there are so many different Latinos out there. Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, El Salvador, La Republica Dominicana, Peru, etc.

But Mulan was Chinese, and I think there were enough happy people out there.

I had to try to relate to Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Belle, but I’m not Arabian or Native American, and I look nothing like Belle. She’s too pale skinned, and I’m brown. She thankfully did have brown eyes and hair, but that didn’t change the fact that she was white and I’m not.

And then there was Esmeralda.

But the thing is, she isn’t a Disney princess. And, she has gorgeous green eyes.

I did get very excited with Tiana, but Tiana came when I was an adult, and I’m not black. She was kind of close to what I had been looking for, but still not close enough.

No, Pocahontas was basically the closest I had, and she is of course absolutely gorgeous, but I knew that nobody really cared about her, I never saw her on clothes and Disney merchandise… And that didn’t send me a very good message at all.

“She’s not one of the cool princesses…”

Here’s hoping that Disney will deliver with Moana. She’s not Hispanic, but she will be brown, and hopefully (if I ever have a girl), hopefully she will be good enough.


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