Again today I went swing dancing, and I am just amazed by how well I dance when I have a good lead.

I guess my waiting for the past two years and not just dating every guy who has asked me out, my waiting will be worth it when I finally do get married… I need someone to lead me in a Christlike manner and make me feel beautiful and awesome, the way I do when I swing dance. I can’t just date every random guy that shows interest, and after the dancing from tonight, I feel a little more convinced that yes, this decision of mine is very correct.

When a guy knows how to lead in swing dancing, the girl just looks gorgeous like a little ballerina in those wind up boxes.

I love feeling graceful and I love it when I’m escorted onto the floor. It’s just the best feeling ever. I love feeling like a lady, and like a princess.

Today I went the extra mile and curled my hair, so that plus that gorgeous black dress I borrowed from my sister just made me feel like a total princess– I somewhat fulfilled my dream of feeling like Rose from the Titanic tonight.

And I could barely contain my joy when I was asked to dance by three different guys tonight, back to back. I’m not used to that kind of attention, but apparently a dress, mascara, eyeliner, and foundation make you look like a mermaid or something.

Father God, tonight was really something. Thank you Dad for letting me feel like royalty tonight.



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