I’ve been thinking a lot about race lately, because I made a new friend this past Saturday that I pretty much care a ton about, even though we’ve only known each other for about three days. But surprisingly, I feel like we’ve really connected, which is pretty great and a wonderfully huge blessing from the Lord.

There’s very few Hispanics at the apartment complex I live in, and I’m annoyed a little at how quickly and effortlessly we became friends… and it almost seems that this effortless friendship came about because we’re both Hispanic.

I wish ethnicity and race weren’t a big deal. But apparently, they can be.

I think this is why the picture below really touched my heart. The little girl so easily and innocently and happily embraced the little boy, despite the obvious differences in skin color.

Screenshot (155)

I have realized that I really value my friendship with Elizabeth, who’s Vietnamese, because it’s such an effortless friendship I have with her, I love her a ton, and we’re always laughing and joking and able to have so much fun around each other. I’m really grateful that the Lord has put her in my life, since He knows I really desire to not be 100% surrounded by Hispanics, but to be able to enjoy friends from different backgrounds… I can see myself marrying someone from a different ethnicity than me, and that wonderful man may be white or black or Asian. I don’t really care about race, and I’d be really excited to learn more about another cultural background that I’m not as familiar with. But then again, he could be Hispanic like me, and I’d be totally okay with that too :)

I wish I could purge myself of every little bit of racist thoughts I see within me. I hate that the culture surrounding me has inserted these toxic stereotypes into each of our minds, but I do love that it’s up to me as to whether I choose to believe them or not.

Thankfully though, I find myself with friends from many beautiful cultural backgrounds, and I couldn’t be more grateful for His provision and this desire He’s placed in my heart to not just disappear into a crowd full of people that look just like me.

Thanks Jehovah-jireh.


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