I underwent some pretty epic catharsis tonight. I needed to bawl and be angry, and I feel so wonderful now. And I’m so grateful for the grace that was shown to me as I vented.

I’m not too sure what the Bible has to say about giving in to strong crying spells and fits of anger, but the way I feel now is priceless.


I learned the basics of Lindy Hop… !!!

Jesus, I’m so freaking grateful for Your love and mercy! Thank you!!!

And my test I had on Thursday was postponed for a week!

I mean, can life get any better?



2 thoughts on “September 30: I just wanna swing [dance]

  1. Sounds like you had a long over due melt down. Welcome to growing up!! Also the biggest thing the Bible has to say about “I’m not too sure what the Bible has to say about giving in to strong crying spells and fits of anger, but the way I feel now is priceless.” Is be angry and sin not… And guess what…. no one I know is angry without some kind of sinning involved… BUT the great news is God still loves you and as you grow older you will do this less and less. Its called living life and it just sucks at times….. But if you are feeling priceless now, and you can stand and look in the mirror and know that God loves you deeply and with all the fits of anger and crying you will do through life you have it made… His grace and mercy is an amazing gift…. Just keep clinging to Him….. He will carry you through

    Congrats on learning the Lindy Hop…. I think this is where you are going to thrive more and more in the dancing… If in your alone times with God you find yourself dancing it would not surprise me at all. And know that it is perfectly acceptable to do…. Even as a Christian (sorry I just know a lot of legalistic people who would say something about how sinful it is to dance…and Scripture clearly states otherwise)…

    Congrats on your exam being postponed (I think) I will pray that your studying will be defined. Be blessed my sister in Christ… You are an amazing young lady who is doing some amazingly brave and courageous things…. May you see that!!!

    1. My meltdown really was overdue LOL :)

      And truthfully, I don’t feel anywhere near as self conscious and embarrassed and scared as I used to, so I’m very excited about this :) :D

      Thank you so much sister!! You be blessed this week as well!!! :) :)

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