I felt so lavished by His grace and love today.

He’s so kind and gave me rest and peace, when I was feeling tired, depressed, depraved.

I feel weird when He does absurdly kind things. Because He’s not supposed to, He’s supposed to be angry with me and if I’m fighting with Him and resisting Him, He’s supposed to take advantage of the fact that He’s God and come right back and be mean also.

But even when the world, my flesh, and the devil won’t let up, and when I feel like I’m wrestling with the God of the universe, He still manages to do these things that melt me and frustrate me.

Last week I didn’t have dinner, I was a little upset that the cafeteria was closed so I couldn’t go… and Taylor brought hot dogs and chips to our Bible study, but I had been such a sinner that entire day that I was shocked to see Him provide food.

But didn’t Jesus ask the Father to forgive the men who whipped Him and mocked Him?

I keep in mind this image of Jesus being whipped and not punching those guys when I’m being a sinner yet still experiencing amazing grace.

The Lord is good and so slow to anger. I’m grateful that He’s nothing like me, or else my life would really suck.


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