To me, the Lord is like this amazing king that saw this unimportant little peasant (me), brought her into his castle, and just started giving her all of these things she wanted and things she never knew she wanted.

At times, I get frustrated, scared, uneasy, and uncomfortable, because this kindness of His is unbelievable, and I still feel like the rug might get pulled out from under my feet, like JUST KIDDING, you aren’t part of the elect after all!

But then He does these things that show me He isn’t giving up on me, and He actually really wants me.

I wish it weren’t the case, but I feel like half of the time, everyday, I’m annoyed and mad at Him and stubbornly asking Him things and questioning Him, and then the other half of the time I spend repenting of my sinful thoughts and just at the feet of Jesus, admiring Him and adoring Him.

I’m kind of glad my relationship with Him looks this way, because I get to bring glory to Him in a way that only I can, and it’s a real honor and privilege to do this small thing for my God.

Jesus, you’re amazing.



One thought on “October 30

  1. It is scary when God takes us and flips are world. He loves us so much and so unconditionally and we are not used to that at all. It is His grace and mercy that shows us how much He loves us.

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