Today, at around midnight (as in the midnight between the 23rd and 24th), the Lord graciously opened the heavens and spoke to me in that marvelous way that I can hardly put in words…

Lately I’ve just been straining and trying so hard to see the pieces fall into place, I’ve just been trying so hard to see what the Lord is up to in my life, and I’ve been telling him that I don’t want to get married at 30, but sooner. Please Daddy God. Maybe not at 23, but please not until 30 or later.

But anyways, He did that thing where I’m suddenly aware of His holy and glorious presence being upon me and about me, and I always freak out and get excited when this happens, but despite my freaking out, He’s still speaking to me and stuff, which is pretty interesting.

It’s so funny that I “heard a voice” and “a spirit spoke to me” essentially…

What the Lord had to tell me was basically further revelation concerning how lovely his Kingdom on earth is, some more revelation about what the gift of prophecy really looks like (because I’ve been feeling pretty sure lately that honest-to-God really real gifts of prophecy consist of giving more than just comforting words), how important his Word is, how much He needs me to be exactly where He has me, to please be patient and faithful and joyful, and then He let me know there was an angel in the living room, so that was pretty great and completely unexpected… I mean, I could pinpoint exactly where that angel was in the living room, I didn’t speak to him though because I know I’m not supposed to go looking for them. I firmly believe that He just wanted to assure me that He (and he) were near me.

He also told me about how when I finally get married, that he will be amazed and be blown away and feel so blessed by this beautiful and Jesus loving companion that the Lord has made for him.

For the rest of the day, I’m going to be blissfully lost in adoration of Jesus and freaking out some more on the inside.

God, I love Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


One thought on “A sweet Christmas (Eve) gift

  1. May you have many more Daddy God moments as you rest in His love for you over the Christmas break. God is preparing the right guy for you… May I suggest that you make a husband diary (funny things and important things and include God moments that when you give yourself to your husband the husband diary will be part of what you give him on your wedding night… (I have several friends who told me about this and how amazingly it made the 1st years of their marriages.. (guys can do the wife diary also but guys are different)…

    Merry Christmas to you my sister…

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