The Lord blessed me today with such beautiful fellowship and peace, despite how troubled I felt on the inside… and He even gave me some Nutella that I had prayed for the other day.

My prayer lately has been that I would get to experience the fullness of the Kingdom that I wish to experience, and that my life would also produce great fruit.

As I explained to a few friends, once I get to heaven, my work is done. I get one chance to serve the Lord of the universe, one chance to fight some of the evil on this planet, and then I get to rest for eternity. Good Lord, I want my time to make a difference.


One thought on “Cradlesong

  1. You are gun ho but I caution you to allow God to have His way with you. He may tell you to rest (matter of fact He does tell us to rest) Matthew 11:28-30 in the Message will help you understand it more. Also Hebrews 3 will help you as well… Resting in Him is not just the 1 day of the week but it is about much more. Yes, doing for God is important (and when He leads you to do something than it is even more important. Because we can get so wrapped up in the doing that we forget the reason is Jesus. I know many folks who try to burn the candle at both ends doing for God only to end up burning out and walking away from Jesus(some have even switched to being Buddhist or agnostic and 1 even turned to Judaism and now has given up completely saying God does not exist. SO please don’t get so wrapped up in the doing and making my 1 time count and forget about the God of grace and mercy…

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