I’m surrounded by people I love that never open the Bible, and then there are people I love that read the Bible, and there’s something I want to address in their life and/or help them with, but it’s way too uncomfortable for me to do it.

And then there’s me of course. I’m fighting my own battles, and I don’t win them all.

I feel like a mini priest or pastor sometimes.


One thought on “3/18

  1. Lord,

    I pray that You oh Lord will allow this daughter of Yours to continually know how deep and how wide Your love is for her. Continue Father to brand her heart with Your love. Lord continue to raise her into Your likeness and continue to grant her favor beyond all measure. Lord show her how to be the Bible for those she cares about and loves. For each family member who does not have a relationship with You may she lead them to You not by words but by pressing into You in her own walk with You. Lord, continue to be with her as she prepares for graduation and being the 1st in her family to do so. Lord, begin preparing the job that You are calling her into. Thank You Father for Your love over this young one. Bless her beyond measure today in the name above all names Jesus Christ. Amen

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