To the men that read this article, will you please consider how it is that you view and interact with your sisters in Christ?

I found this article a few weeks ago, and was amazed at how spot on it was.

Yes it is difficult for men to live Godly lives in Christ Jesus in a society like this one that surrounds the American Church, but women in the Church also have it pretty difficult in several ways.

“These three ghosts glide into staff meetings where key decisions are made. They hover in classrooms where theology is taught. They linger in prayer rooms where the weakest among us give voice to hurt. They strike fear into the hearts of both men and women, and worse, they breathe fear into the interactions between them. Their every intent is to cripple the ability of men and women to minister to and with one another.”

In many of my interactions with men in the Church, I definitely have felt like a usurper, a temptress, and a child. (all three are mentioned in this article)

I don’t like feeling like a potential home wrecker, or treated as if I’m less intelligent than I really am, or that my personality is too strong and is to blame for my singleness.

Be blessed y’all.


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