I can’t save myself from my sins. I’m so imperfect, and it just feels so good to give in and do whatever I want, when I want.

I’m like Eve. I see an apple I can’t have, and I want it, despite the fact that God has given me so many other good things.

But then I look at the Cross, and I see His beautiful hands that were pierced, so that I may be delivered and have life.

Remembering the suffering He endured on the Cross helps me resist some of the temptations that are thrown my way. Some, but not all unfortunately.

Isn’t it something that Jesus loves His bride the way He does? We’re unfaithful to Him, constantly coveting, looking at idols and desiring these other lovers that just don’t satisfy.

If salvation was something you could lose, I’d have lost it months ago.

This is amazing grace.


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