Maybe this is because I’m a female, but I really value the relationships in my life.

I used to not be the best at connecting well with people, but I feel like this is something the Lord has really worked on in my life.

Though I’m still asking Him to please make me less of a tomboy, because yet again I find myself with basically nothing but male acquaintances/friends at the Coffee House. I do have some close girl friends outside of Coffee House, and I feel pretty connected with the girls in my ministry, but I see this weird habit of getting along pretty well with guys as being some horrible and major character flaw on my part and I inwardly self-loathe for being this way.

But I digress.

Jesus, You know and hear the longings of my heart. Please help me transition well to being a college graduate. My time at A&M has been difficult, amazing, tiring, happy.

This place is home. I’m basically… absolutely in love with my college.


The picture Elizabeth insisted on taking of me before we danced bachata, merengue, and salsa with the Phi Iotas.


One thought on “4/9

  1. You will be ok. I have a lot of male relationships (guys see me as a buddy which is fine)… My mentor asked me to step back out of that role recently and i got very angry not understanding why or what she was seeing in me. It was nothing that was bad but it was for me to just step back from “helping them” resolve their issues and being focused on what God was doing in me. It was not an easy transition but it is one most needed. I thought it was an honor that guys saw me as a buddy rather than a sex object but there was a core in me that wanted them to see me sexually which became very unhealthy. So I have stepped back and I must confess it has been really so much easier for me to focus on God and my motives of wanting to help them…

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