Often times I find myself battlin’ myself, trying to walk this straight and narrow, reaching out to God for help.
Help me Lord.
Hit the flesh with the Word, trying to magnify the Spirit, hear my spirit talking to me but my flesh ain’t trying to hear it…

How I’m supposed to go and tell the world about the Christ, when I’m struggling with sin myself and I ain’t even right?
Yeah, that’s true, but remember, Christ paid the price for sin right?
Yeah but every time I do good I sin again. Man I ask Him for forgiveness but I’m tired of being sorry Joe. Heaven knows I try my best to stay up on that honor roll.
Man, I feel your pain Chris, all up in the pancreas. Yesterday you reppin’ Christ, today you ain’t the same Chris.

Let ‘em know the deal Chris, tell ‘em how it feels Chris, let ‘em know the cost to follow Christ demand some realness. Tell ‘em ‘bout the price He paid, tell ‘em about the lives He saved, dying on that rugged Cross on Calvary for heaven’s sake. Tell ‘em ‘bout His gentleness, tell ‘em about His patience, tell ’em ‘bout His everlasting love that conquers hatred. Tell ‘em bout his faithfulness, tell ’em about His greatness, go ahead Chris, tell ‘em Chris, man don’t keep ‘em waiting.


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